Did Your Child Throw Something down the Toilet and Now It’s Blocked?

How to Perform Drain Cleaning on Blockages

One of the most annoying things a homeowner has to deal with is a blocked drain. You plead with the water to go down quickly; however, luck is just not on your side. Before you begin thinking about the huge professional plumber costs, first understand that there are some steps that you can perform drain cleaning on a blocked drain yourself. Save calling on a plumber as a last resort.

The first step should be to clear the drain from any debris. If your drain comes with a strainer, remove it. In some sinks, you can just reach down and pull the strainer out. With others, you’ll have to kneel down and locate the pivot rod which connects to a strainer, remove this and lift out the strainer. Clear any debris from the strainer, and see if that has taken care of the blockage.

If your blocked drain is located in your kitchen, your blockage is most likely to be food. If it is your bathroom sink, you’re dealing with hair combined with portions of soap scum. You’ll have to remove this if clearing out the strainer did not work. Try using a drain auger, also known as a plumber’s snake to perform your drain cleaning.

To use an auger, make sure the strainer is removed, and push the auger into the opening. Turn the handle of the auger when you are pushing the wire deeper into the pipe. If the auger locates any debris, move the wire while turning the handle. Lastly, pull the wire out slowly, and continue to turn the handle.

Some people advise the usage of often harsh chemical cleaners you may find in supermarkets or home improvement stores. However, due to them being so harsh, they could also damage your pipes and the environment once they are poured down your drains. They can also damage your eyes and skin if you are unlucky and get them splashed. First try a natural solution, and keep the chemical cleaners as a last resort before calling a professional to clear your drains.

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