Need a Strong Drain Cleaner to Unblock Your Drains?

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Sulphuric Acid for Sewer Cleaning?

A sulphuric acid sewer cleaning product can be an effective tool for unblocking a clogged drain, and it is also very dangerous. It is simple to use, available in low concentrations, and will break down most materials and generate enough heat to dissolve most blockages. But, it does emit fumes, is corrosive, can create some serious damage should it touch the skin, and even in some severe cases cause death should it be used incorrectly. If a sulphuric acid drain cleaner is used in strict accordance with every recommended safety precaution, then most of the concerns which involve using this chemical can be laid to sleep, however, there could always be some unknown factors which are beyond the user’s control which could create a problem.

One of the biggest advantages of using sulphuric acid for sewer cleaning is it has the capability to remove nearly every reasonable clog, with the exception of extreme solid clogs, which are caused by some inorganic materials. It does not need any special training to be able to use it, due to the fact it is just simply poured into the drain, and then left to work until all the blockages are removed. A cleaner that has a sulphuric acid base is very convenient and economical due to the fact any leftovers can be stored to use later on, and it can be used on any drain that is reachable without needing space for tools.

There are several disadvantages when it comes to using a sulphuric acid drain cleaner. The biggest one is that sulphuric acid is an extremely toxic, caustic material which does give off harmful fumes the minute it is exposed to air. These can cause eye irritation and burn the tissue within the nose and lungs should they be inhaled too deeply. The fumes will linger in a room in which the cleaner has been used until it is flushed out of the drain, so good ventilation will be required.

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